Employer Engagement

Job Posting

You can directly access the state’s largest workforce database with thousands of job seekers and job listings.

Candidate Selection and Pre-Screening

Arizona@Work can find and match job candidates that meet your key hiring criteria, conducting initial evaluations to identify experience levels and skills.

Skills Assessment

Using a variety of tools to assess everything from basic reading and writing skills to computer proficiency, we can help identify qualified candidates for your job openings.

Hiring Events

Arizona@Work regularly hosts hiring events, providing an opportunity for you to connect with available, interested and skilled applicants.

Special Recruitment Services

We can provide interview space and other customized services, such as helping companies that come to Arizona and need to hire many employees quickly.

Customized Training and Skills Upgrading

Arizona@Work connects your company with training programs your employees require.

Job-Specific Skills Training

We provide access to customized training for your employees who require additional job skills.