Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)

Functions of the Local Board

Consistent with section 108, the functions of the local board shall include the following:

  1. Local Plan
  2. Workforce Research and Regional Labor Market Analysis
  3. Convening, Brokering, Leveraging
  4. Employer Engagement
  5. Career Pathways Development
  6. Proven and Promising Practices
  7. Technology Program Oversight
  8. Negotiation of Local Performance Accountability Measures
  9. Selection of Operators and Providers
  10. Coordination with Education Providers
  11. Budget and Administration
  12. Accessibility for Individuals with Disabilities

Yuma County LWDB: Approver for the Eligible Training Provider List

The Yuma County Local Workforce Development Board in partnership with the State of Arizona, works to improve the availability of training providers in Yuma County by monitoring, reviewing and approving training provider submissions to the Eligible Training Provider List.

The LWDB approves or denies training providers or programs in collaboration the State Training Provider to maintain current and verified training provider data in the system. Upon Training Provider approval by the LWDB and the State, training providers are able to enter training programs to be listed on the ETPL. All trainings must meet state and local requirements, which includes resulting in a federally or locally recognized credential and being related to in-demand industry sectors and occupations in Arizona.