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     Certified Nursing Assistant



Requirements for Certification in Arizona

• Successfully complete a Board approved training program
• Must complete 120 hours of instruction or the equivalent of 120 hours
• Must pass a written and manual skills test; at least 75% on each theoretical exam and 100% on manual skills test
• Demonstrate citizenship/nationality/alien status documentation
• Complete criminal background check --According to A.R.S 32-1646(B), an applicant for nursing assistant certification is not eligible for certification if the applicant has any felony convictions and has not received an absolute discharge from the sentences for all felony convictions. The absolute discharge from the sentence for all felony conviction(s) must be received 5 or more years before submitting this application. If you cannot prove that the absolute discharge date is 5 or more years, the Board will notify you that you do not meet the requirements for certification.


Training Providers

The Yuma Private Industry Council provides CNA training through two providers: Arizona Western College and Regional Center for Border Health, Inc.

 Note: Our local WIA area may have additional age and/or educational requirements for  WIA program enrollment.  



A) Arizona Western College Nursing Assistant Program

This course focuses on applying client self-care concepts and basic procedures relative to fundamentals of nursing, communication, nutrition, anatomy, and physiology, medical terminology, legal/ethical issues, and aging. The concepts and procedures are introduced in the classroom and practiced in the college laboratory before implementation under faculty supervision in a clinical setting. This course prepares the learner for taking the state examination to become a certified nursing assistant.


Course Length: Fall/Spring – 8 weeks, Summer – 5 weeks

1. Admission Information and Application

• Have an Arizona DPS Fingerprint Clearance Card for Volunteer Health Science Student & Clinical Assistant
• Have a reading score of 60 or above on the Computerized Placement Test (CPT-R)
• Students must hold a Healthcare Provider or Professional Rescuer (CPR) certification.

2. Cost

• Tuition: $350.00 (Resident status - $70/credit)
• Lab Fee: $175.00 (Includes the state certification test fee.)
• Uniform: $40 Tan scrubs + $6 program badge to be purchased at the AWC bookstore
• White shoes
• Textbook and workbook: $120

3. Health and Safety Requirements

• CPR Card: $35
Tuberculosis Screening: $10 - $20 White shoes
• Drug Test: $38

4. Equipment:

Gait Belt: $8 - $20
Watch-indicating seconds

The costs provided are estimates and are subject to change.

B) Regional Center for Border Health, Inc. CNA Program

The Certified Nursing Assistant Training Program is a 6-week course of full time education which includes a total of 150 hour of instruction (as required by the Arizona State Board of Nursing). The program is de-signed to prepare students for certification as nursing assistants. A certified nursing assistant is a licensed caretaker who assists in performing activities of daily living skills to persons in skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, and/or doctor’s offices. They are supervised by Licensed Practical Nurses and Registered Nurses in the healthcare setting. The certified nursing assistant performs delegated procedures that are commensurate with the Arizona Board of Nursing Nurse Aide All interested participants must submit a completed admission application. For a institute catalog visit:


1. Admission Requirements

Participants must have the following:
• High School diploma or General Education Diploma
• An 8th grade reading/comprehension ability
• 18 years of age
• No evidence of drug abuse
• Negative TB test or public health clearance card
• Ability to fully participate in classroom, laboratory, or clinical setting program activities.

2. Cost

• Tuition: $ 2,713.00
• Registration: $ 32.00
• Books: $ 75.00
• Uniforms: $ 60.00
• Supplies/Materials: $ 80.00
• Test/Exam: $ 85.00
• Total Program Cost: $ 3,045.00