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     Business Services

he first significant effort to integrate business services into the One-Stop was to create a “Business Services Department” in November of 2000. The purpose of this department was to coordinate the strategic business development and workforce investment in order to target limited resources to areas where they can have the greatest economic impact.
  • Proactively perform outreach contact with targeted employers for job development and marketing of other One-Stop services.

  • Gather and evaluate employer information and identify needs (product services; number of employees; turnover rate; entry level qualifications).

  • Conduct research to identify targeted employers.

  • Be provided by a trained team of employer representatives knowledgeable about local economic factors.

  • Develop a well organized service plan to utilize One-Stop services.

  • Evaluate and coordinate the effectiveness of partnership implementation.

  • Meet with employers to establish, expand and improve understanding and utilization of One-Stop services.

  • Attend community functions as a representative for the One-Stop.

  • Effectively secures employers agreement of the service plan developed to accommodate the employer’s specific needs.

  • Provide relevant labor market information, area profiles and wage survey data. Disseminates information to employers, local community and partner agencies.

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