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   Executive Director

Welcome to Yuma County's Workforce Resource WIB Board Members

On behalf of the Workforce Investment Board of Yuma County, operated by the Yuma Private Industry Council Inc., I thank you for visiting our website and I would like to invite and welcome you to visit our One Stop Center.

For over 27 years, the Yuma Private Industry Council, Inc. has administered Workforce development programs in Yuma County. The publicly funded workforce system is continuously evolving. This challenges us to proactively innovate in order to meet the unique needs of our communities.

The success we’ve enjoyed is attributable to the focus on our company’s vision of the future and our ability to overcome difficulties that are associated with changing government administrations and the “new economy” influenced by technology and globalization.

The essence of the One Stop Centers, as defined in the Workforce Investment Act, is to streamline services in order to facilitate a person’s access to a myriad of services in a seamless manner. True community partnerships operated in a collaborative manner are an important component of the One Stop System.

The Yuma Private Industry Council is committed to making a difference in our community and to the provision of world class customer service.


Abel Almanza
Betty DeNise
Carrie Zaragoza
Dave McDowell
Ed Ford
Geoff Nance
Glenn E. Mayle
John Johnson
Judith Castro
Julie Engel
Kelvin Wilkins
Kim Rodriguez
Maria A. Chavoya
Marisol Canales
Michael Moyer
Nancy Ngai
Ramona Jean Corrales
Rick Rohrick
Ray Ochoa
Sam Pepper
Shari Frabasilio
Steve Miller
Tom Kiley
Tom Tyree