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    Survival Guide


Survival jobs often do not pay well but can help you earn a living and

gain work experience. Keep in mind the following things during your

job search:

Survival jobs will help you learn new skills that will give you the

opportunity to find jobs in other areas. For instance, a sales

representative can gain experience about customer service, inventory

control, and marketing when working as a store assistant.

Ensure the company that you work for has a good reputation. Having

that company as part of your work experience will look good in your

resume and will help you market your skills.

Be proud of your work. Even when you do not have the job you were

looking for, do not get worked up due to the nature of the job.

Remember that it is a temporary job and the skills you learn will

benefit you in the future. Make sure you invest time looking for a

different job.

Always be positive about your job. Be confident in your abilities and

look for a job that you will enjoy and will allow you to learn new skills.

Your skills combined with experience will help you obtain a better


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