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     Career Planning

You've assessed your current strengths and goals, and you've researched
 several careers that seem to be a good fit. How do you decide which career to pursue?

1.       Remember it doesn't have to be forever. Keep in mind that, on average, people change career fields three or four times in their lives, and at least one of those times is after age 50.

2.      Keep in mind that your goals and priorities may change.

3      As you go through the career exploration process, keep an open mind to many possibilities, even some you may not have previously considered.

4.      List your priorities.

5.      Make a list of likes and dislikes for each career choice.

6.      Prioritize based on level of importance to each like and dislike.

7.      Calculate a score for each career choice by subtracting the cons from the pros.

Choose your next career venture based on the occupation with the highest score.

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