Monthly Letter

It is time for our monthly status follow-up visit regarding your participation in our program. It is very important for us to keep in monthly contact in order for us to assist with any further services you may require and to document your continued employment or educational enrollment.

Please complete the bottom portion of this letter, cut it off, and return it to me in the stamped return envelope I have enclosed as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, concerns, or need further assistance, please give me a call at 329-0990, extension 158, during weekday working hours.

I would like to thank you in advance for your time and prompt response to my request.

Si necesita esta carta en espanol, favor de llamar al 329-0990 ext.158

Sincerely yours,

Norma Avila, Follow-Up Manager
    First Name:   Last Name:  
    Are you currently employed?
       If yes, where?
                address:             city:          zip:
                job title:           wage: hrs/week:
    Are you currently attending school?
       If attending, where?
     Home Address:             city:          zip:
                 phone:          email:
    Are there any additional services we can provide for you?


Equal Opportunity Employer/Program Auxiliary Aids and Services Are Available Upon Request To Individuals With Disabilities.

Igualdad De Oportunidades Empleador/Programas Se le Hara Disponible Cuando Solicite Ayuda Auxiliar Y Servicios Adicionales Para Personas Con Incapacidade.